Janis Stapleton is an Australian contemporary landscape artist residing in southern Sydney who has been exhibiting extensively in Sydney galleries for the past 35 years.

She also exhibits regularly at various art shows throughout New South Wales and Victoria including; Sorrento, Yea, Portland, Oakhill College, Bright, Tea Gardens, Melbourne, Camberwell, Box Hill, The Kings School, Hills Grammar and Mount Waverley.



         Artist’s Statement 2021

I have a passion for the landscape and landscape painting. I feel ‘enlivened and connected’ to the ‘energy and spirit’ of the places I paint. The paintings become more than what I physically ‘see’.

To the landscape I bring my own marks, my colours and my ‘energy’ and passion. The act of creation brings life to a painting and over the course of a series of related works momentum and insight carry me through the work involved creating and completing the artwork. The physical work of building up a surface, multi layering of paint and marks and the ‘resolution phase’.

I have been fortunate in my life to have been able to experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness in this country. The landscapes of Kakadu and recently Arnhem Land in NT, the Kimberley and Pilbara. Cape York, the Gulf Country, Winton and western QLD. The vast expanse of the Lake Eyre basin following flooding. Closer to home, the landscapes inspired by the stunning Coast Walk/Bundeena and the Hacking River south of Sydney.

Much of my recent work has been centred on my series of ‘billabong paintings’. These billabongs are scattered across the landscape of northern Australia and have great significance to the aboriginal people.   

I have been ever inspired by the great landscape artists of this country who have proceeded me and their struggle to relate their visual experience and inward perceptions of the landscape into a visual form. The beauty, lyricism and visual poetry of John Olsen. The spatial dynamic, calligraphic simplicity and marks of Fred Williams. The vibrance and passion for his subject in Arthur Boyd’s river landscapes.

           Janis Stapleton  

Awards and Achievements

2021    Featured Artist of the Week at Moulton Galleries

2011    Henry Lawson Festival Grenfell: Winner best painting in show.
            Awarded the bronze statuette ‘The Drover’s Wife’  

2009    Contemporary Art Award, Central Coast Festival of the Arts.


Max Germaine ‘Australian Artists and Galleries’, 1990 edition
(ref p 643 ‘Ian’ Stapleton)
Various Exhibition Catalogues


Art study tours galleries and museums

  • Paris 2001, 2008
  • Italy 2001Greece and Turkey archaeological sites 2005
  • London 2006
  • New York 2017
  • Nice 2017
  • Spain & Scandinavia 2018
  • Germany & Lyon /France 2019
  • Japan 2018, 2019.

Professional artist representative Exhibitions Committee,
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery from 2000 to 2008

Remote area travel Australia;

  • Kakadu NT, 2003
  • Alice Springs/Ayres Rock/Kings Canyon NT, 2004
  • Kimberley WA 2007
  • Cape York QLD 2009, 2016
  • Pilbara WA 2010
  • Lake Eyre 2010 and 2012
  • Western QLD and Gulf country 2012
  • Arnhem Land NT 2021
  • Lake Eyre 2010 and 2012
  • Aerial Photography and land trips Maree, Birdsville after flooding.