Jan Stapleton

Australian contemporary landscape artist

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The Art of Jan Stapleton
Australian contemporary landscape artist

‘ Painting Country - The Spirit of Landscape’ 2016

I have a passion for landscape painting. I feel enlivened and connected to the 'energy and spirit' of places I paint. In some elusive way my spirit connects with that of the landscape. The paintings become more than that I physically see. To the landscape I bring my own marks, my colours , energy and passion. The act of creation brings life to a painting and over the course of a series of related worksmomentum and insight carry me through the labour of daily painting. The physical work of building up a surface, layering paint and marks and the 'resolution phase'. I have been fortunate in having been able to experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness of this country - Kimberley, Pilbara, Cape York, Lake Eyre.

Much of my recent work has been the series of 'billabong paintings' Interestng on an esoteric level, both western and indigenous. Also very healing for myself. "Water' in western culture has a very feminine and sacred aspect and the billabongs of northern Australia have great significance to the aboriginal people. very spiritual and life giving. I have been ever inspired by the great landscape artists of this country who have preceeded me and their struggle to relate their visual experience and inward perceptions of the landscape into a visual form. The beauty, lyricism and visual poetry of John Olsen; The calligraphic simplicity and marks of Fred Williams; The vibrance and passion for his subject of Arthur Boyd's river landscapes.

Conceptually I work more from the 'essence', 'structure' and 'calligraphic elements' of a landscape when I create an image. I paint mostly onto textured acrylic surfaces and build up the image with layer over layer of paint and marks. There is usually an interplay of transparent and opaque paint layers which creates great depth in the painting. The paintings take some time to complete as the results of each layer dictate the next. The painting 'tells me' where it is going. I spend a lot of time outdoors collecting material and 'absorbing' ideas from the landscape but the paintings themselves are completed in the studio.
I work on several series of paintings- based on a ‘sense of place’. Over time each painting becomes part of an ongoing body of work related to that place.”


Heart of Australia


The three series shown depict recent examples of Jan Stapleton's work. As much of Jan's artwork is shown in Commercial Art Galleries each will have a changing display. You may enquire about any painting and she will let you know where it may be viewed or purchased.


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